Do NOT look down! Photos reveal the terrifying sights that have greeted people from the toilet bowl – including frogs, snakes and a live baby rabbit

Posted on April 7, 2018.

A bathroom is supposed to be a safe haven; one of the few places where you can get a moment to yourself.

However, this wasn’t the case for a handful of unlucky Imgur users, who got the shock of their lives when they found unwelcome visitors lurking in their toilets.

The astonished snappers have been sharing photos of unusual wildlife waiting for them as they retreated to the loo.

One toilet-goer discovered their toilet had been overrun by bright green frogs following a flood, while another horrified user found a snake had made its way through the drainage pipe.

Elsewhere, one person who went to spend a penny was left dumbstruck upon discovering a live baby rabbit in their toilet bowl, which they quickly saved – and another baffled user fished out a very bedraggled-looking squirrel.

Here, we take a look at the weird wildlife that have greeted people.

In a collection of odd snaps shared to Imgur, one toilet-goer discovered their loo had been overrun by bright green frogs following a flood

Hisss! Another horrified user discovered a sizable snake had made its way through the drainage pipe – luckily before they sat down

One hero rescued a rather bedraggled-looking squirrel from the loo, drying the startled creature off following the shock discovery

Another toilet-goer was left perplexed when a large fish found its way into his toilet bowl

Another shared a video as he opened his bathroom door to find a snake – complete with toilet paper stuck around it, slithering around the loo

Froggy fright: A rather large toad poked out from inside this toilet’s pipes, putting this user’s toilet experience firmly on hold

This snake’s attempt to hide in the toilet’s rim was fruitless due its scarily large size

A baby snake loiters for the next visitor of this bathroom

Whatever it is, it’s alive! A unknown creature is found curled up in the toilet water

Rescued! A loo user was left dumbstruck upon discovering a baby rabbit in their to

Source: Dailymail