Meet Lauren Whitt The Girl Who Was Born With An Extra Large Chin

Posted on April 27, 2018.

Life is not easy for the people who born with a certain disease, disability or impairment

Life is not easy for the people who born with a certain disease, disability or impairment. While some of them can be treated but rest others cause tremendous pain and if they are physically visible then sometimes it can lead to bullying which traumatizes the victim. Similarly, today we have got you a real story of Lauren Whitt, a girl who born with a large chin.

Scroll down to know her story from the when she was being bullied for her large to the days when the enlarged part is totally unrecognizable after surgery.

The 20-year-old Lauren Whitt from Colorado was born with a large chin.

Her enlarged jaw bone caused her a lot of pain but instead of her physical pain what traumatized her more was cruel adolescents who bullied her like anything. As she was different from other kids, her classmates used to make fun of her throughout her school.

But, instead of something good, the situation got more hard for her that she was compelled to finish her high school with the help of online education mediums. Her batch-mates started calling her “witch” and “ugly.” It was all because of a pronounced chin.

Later, she moved to a new school with a new hope that people would be nice here but she faced the same issues again.

When Lauren Whitt was 12, her family consulted with an orthodontist about Lauren’s enlarged jaw bone, they were told that the only way to fix the problem is a major surgery. But Lauren then the little girl was not prepared for such a major surgery, so they decided to not have it then.

After suffering for 8 years she decided to go through the surgery and four months ago she finally had it.

Surgeons literally broke both her jaws and put them back together staggering 36 screws. Initially, Lauren Whitt was unable to eat and she was on liquid diet for almost 3 months.

However, the young lady is now a criminal justice student and enjoy her classes like others students.

Lauren said, “I could not live life like that any longer. It was making me miserable. I waited until I was an adult to get the surgery because I did not want to go through something so painful as a kid. I hadn’t been able to bite into anything properly since I was a kid. I felt constant pain in my jaw every single day. I had a lot of trouble breathing and it kept getting worse. It got to the point that I couldn’t breathe without my mouth being open.”

“My speech therapist told me that my lisp could not be fixed through speech therapy. I noticed shortly after the surgery that it was gone. I was brutally bullied for years because of the way I looked, so this is a major confidence booster.”

Now, after so many complications Lauren Whitt is leading a happy life like any other normal human.

You can watch the following video to know that how beautiful Lauren looks after the life-changing surgery.

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