Japanese Girl Group’s Kiss Fan-service Under Enormous Controversy

Posted on April 22, 2018.

One of the members was in middle school.

Japanese idol group, THE BANANA MONKEYS, have been facing heavy scrutiny for a controversial fan-service they have been providing.

Members of the group would meet with fans and provide a service in which they would put a clear acrylic plate between themselves and the fan. They would then kiss the plate together, mimicking a real kiss.

The problem is, many of the girls in the group are underage. One of the girls is said to be a 14-year-old middle school student.

Some of the kisses were light pecks, while other kisses were heavy and borderline sexual.

There were some people that actually tried to defend the fan-service.

“The members themselves have huge smiles on their face. What’s the problem” “The clear acrylic plate is protecting them from actually making contact.”

But the overall response from netizens was that of anger, deeming the actions sexual harassment.

“It is the law to protect underaged citizens. Why would they do this” “This looks a lot like sexual harassment.” “What is their agency doing? Why would they even allow this to happen?”

This is not the only time THE BANANA MONKEYS have caused controversy. They have provided various fan-services that were considered questionable, like brushing the teeth of a shirtless fan.

You can watch some of their controversial stunts in one of their music videos below: