The guy “crazy” when witnessed his lover, who was rolled by truck, gradually stopped breathing

Posted on April 26, 2018.

(Blogtamsu) - In many traffic accidents, just be careful one second, perhaps the tragedy did not happen!

A few days ago, an account named Icha Emoo from Indonesia posted a video of a traffic accident and it quickly caught the attention of public. At present, ten thousands of people share and comments for that video, but the main reason don’t come from the seriousness of this incident when a young girl died but due to weep bitterly of her boyfriend.

The article’s tremendous interaction prove that: the netizens extremely interested in this video

According to reporter, the accident happened just days ago in Jakarta – capital of Indonesia. A motorcycle that carry a man and a woman collided with a container truck, making the girl to die while the boy suffered minor injuries. Cause initially identified as the guy wanted to overtake the container truck but didn’t observe carefully so the incident happened unfortunately and brought a lot of regrets

In two short videos, the most obsessed for netizens were the boys’s loud voice when called the girl’s name  but had no answer. Knowing his girlfriend was ‘disappeared’ forever, the guy just sat quietly sitting and holding bloody body, people around just stood watching, sympathized with the boys.

After putting his girlfriend on the sidewalk …

The boy just cried and called the girl’s name in anguish

But it was too late…

His suffering face  like losing whole world

At the scene of the accident, the helmet was still rolling beside the motorbike

“She is too young. The guy will certainly hold this regret until the end of his life. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing the lover  go away forever , especially when that serious mistake comes from himself … “,” Quick one minute and regret whole life. If that guy don’t try to cross the container truck, now they may be happy together  and think about a sweet wedding. Too sad, so sorry! “,” Guys must love girls so much to react so painfully. The outsiders looking at this sence also can’t hold back their tears … so that guy…”– Netizens gave many comments on the article below.

Can see traffic accident without exception for anyone. In fact proved: many families have lost the happiness of reuniting just due to a second over the traffic lights, a careless moment and lots of people lost control of speed. Let’s remember:  behind your back isn’t only your relatives’s life but also your families, your loved ones. Do not be like this guy, It’s too late in order to regret!

Watching interview

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